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Halcyon Kids is a quarterly magazine for Teen readers. Our focus is fashion, art, DIY, and promoting passion. Here at Halcyon Kids the vision is to inspire our readers to be themselves and to appreciate the simplicity of the things we take for granted. Our online magazine is full of beautiful editorials photographed by amazing talented photographers. Join us on this journey with Halcyon Kids; through beautiful images, DIY projects, trendsetting, promoting each other and much more.


Halcyon Kids offers multiple size ads; Full page, Half page, and Double page Ad space. We also offer advertisement space on our website and social media accounts. Please contact us for pricing details at Hello@HalcyonKids.us.


We currently do not have any open casting calls for models, check our social media accounts for future casting calls.

Fall Issue 2017

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Submission deadline is September 1, 2017. All submissions must represent Halcyon Kids aesthetic. Submissions must NOT be published in any other publications, websites, social media accounts, or in any online or print formats.

Lila Purdy
A free spirit soul living vicariously through the eyes of many.  A photographer in Charlotte, NC. A mother to 4 young humans and a wife to a handsome husband.  I love ice cream for breakfast and hot tea before bed. I express my feelings on the pages of coloring books and believe in Art therapy. I love music, travels, and photographs. I believe in overusing “I love you”, and laughing out loud. I am Lila

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